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An Ever-Changing War of Two Races

Live out the epic action when Rumen and Kaligo races clash! Each race features 4 playable classes at launch, Warrior, Battle Priest, Magic Stormer, and Hunter! Character builds will vary from every single player, and the use of Transformation cards will change the face of the battle on the fly! During PvP, temporarily steal selected skills from opponents you defeat on the field!

This is my Land!

Every species will benefit differently when fighting within their preferred habitat. Explore the wide range of different geographic locations in Karis!

PvP, Your Way

Eclipse War Online brings different elements of PvP together into one fierce war between two races. Choose to ambush and sabotage the enemy in open world combat. Or head into the battle arena for organized team matches. Eclipse War even offers an exciting new 3 Lane AOS type PvP mode complete with towers and minions!

Character Transformations

There is no reason for hunting to be a mindless grind anymore! All beasts and monsters in Eclipse War can drop a special Transformation Card, allowing your character to take their physical form. Each transformation has different stat boosts for different roles, and will allow the character to unlock special skills for each card!

A Living World

There are many different things that will constantly be changing the way you play! Learn what transformation to use based on your mission. All species have a combat advantage or disadvantage based on their target species!

Night & Day

All transformations have a certain time of day where they are most effective. Stalk the nights as a bloodthirsty corpse, or take to the daytime as a royal Sun Bear!

Chapter I

Battle of the Stars / Birth of the Rumen Race
Chapter I

Battle of the Stars / Birth of the Rumen Race

In the beginning there was Nova, pure Holy Energy in the form of a gigantic powerful star. In contrast to Nova was The Void, full of Dark Energy. The Void had consumed all other stars, and now only Nova stood in the way of its thirst for destruction. Nova could not resist being overtaken and was consumed by The Void. The Holy Energy contained within Nova was too powerful once inside The Void and chaos ensued. The heavens were filled with great explosions as the fabric of time itself was torn. From the ruin and magical energy produced by the Battle of the Stars, Karis, the Dark Continent was formed, and there was peace.

From Nova came the Rumen, a race of beings born from the Holy Energy. Opposite of the Rumen were the Malignant Spirits formed by the The Void's dark energy. The Malignant Spirits were too weak after the Battle of the Stars and fled to the ends of the continent. The Rumen used the magic contained in their sacred jewel to bring life and growth to the barren lands. Other races began to populate Karis including Humans, Bloodmoons, Greenmen, and the vampiric Drain.

The races of Karis were skeptical of the Rumen at first, but after learning of the power contained in the Orchon jewel, they found that the Rumen could change the very soil of the Dark Continent to bear fruit and support life. Soon the Humans and Bloodmoons allowed the Rumen to share lands and culture. In an attempt to live peacefully with the Drain a treaty was written that would forbid the use of vampiric power, but the Drain opposed this and terrorized the lands. After much fighting the alliance of Rumen, Bloodmoon, and Humans pushed the Drains back to the ends of the continent. Such began a new era of peace.

Chapter II

The Day of Promise / Rise of the Kaligo
Chapter II

The Day of Promise / Rise of the Kaligo

It was at the end of the world where the Drains found the Malignant Spirits in wait. Chrono, the leader of the Drain reached out to Rektan, the Malignant Spirit leader and together they formed a plot to eradicate all other life from the continent. After their secret conspiracy was formed, Chrono rode to meet the Rumen leader Fermion under a white flag. They agreed to peace and Chrono swore no Drain would again use their vampiric power.

For 30 years there was peace in the land, until the fateful "Day of Promise". This was the day the Drain and Malignant Spirits agreed they would rain their evil forces down upon the races of Karis. A sudden and furious force of Drain and Spirits attacked the Rumen and the attackers were able to Seal off the Orchon from the Rumen. The great Rumen wizard, Hariel, made the fateful decision to save his race and use the forbidden magic, Shadow Steal, to defeat the Spirits and Drain. The Orchon was liberated and the remaining Drain banished once again.

In the next 2 years the negative effects of the Shadow Steal magic slowly affected the Rumen. Some of the wizards and warriors that had fought the Drain on that fateful day began to change form and become increasingly aggressive. They could not control their inner emotions and violent crimes were committed. The Rumen were no longer safe from their own people. Ferumon noted that over one third of the Rumen was affected by the Shadow Steal effect, they were labeled as mutants and a state of emergency was declared. Ferumon ordered the mutants to be exiled from the land, but many who felt as if they were still Rumen at heart resisted and were murdered in the streets. Eventually the Rumen was able to force all mutants to leave, and thus the Kaligo race was born.

Chapter III

The Shadow War
Chapter III

Battle of the Stars / Birth of the Rumen Race

One of the many Kaligo banished was the fearless hunter Patroe. Furious at this betrayal performed by his once brothers and sisters of Holy Energy, he led the persecuted Kaligo across sea to an Island in the east. There they established their new home, Elektra. For 20 years the Kaligo thrived, growing into a powerful race to be reckoned with. Patroe met with The Drain during this time and formed an alliance against the Rumen. War was declared, and thus began The Shadow War.

The Shadow War, an all-out alliance war between the Rumen who were an alliance with the Humans and Bloodstone, versus the Kaligo, who were allianced with the Drain. The war lasted 30 years and the entire world was covered in dark smoke and ruin. Ferumon, sensing victory would not be decided on the battlefield opened the forbidden book of magic once again and called upon a Great Earthquake. Bright lights shone from cracks in the earth as the world shook violently. Only silence followed, the war was finally over. Ferumon, having used all of his energy was becoming frail and took to his deathbed. As he looked around at his loyal council he drew his final breath and left the world with a prophecy: "He who possesses the Orchon, the legendary jewel, will rebuild the continent. He who possesses the legendary body Hemera will live forever. He who can bring both into his possession will be the rightful ruler of the land and will bring glory to us all."

Chapter VI

A World Waiting to be Conquered...
Chapter VI

A World Waiting to be Conquered...

After the Shadow War had ended, Karis was left in ruins. The Rumen and Kaligo were left with barely enough power to survive. The Kaligo returned to Elektra in the East, while the Rumen went west to a distant Island where they established their new home, Lethe. Karis was left without a true ruler. The Humans, Bloodmoons, and Drains remained to fight each other over control of the continent. The humans claim to be the true ruler and shortly after the Bloodmoons broke their alliance with them to defend the Bloodmoon lands. The Malignant Spirits have returned to Karis and the continent has fallen under a dark shadow once again.

Now a new age begins, Lonis the new Rumen leader has put together an elite team of soldiers tasked with finding the Orchon and Hemera in the east. Kaligo leader Patroe sent his elite spys to figure out what the Rumen is planning and now assembles his own team to scout to the west in search of the prophecy. Two races, spawned from the same Holy Light and now separated by the dark magic of Shadow Steal, will meet one another on the battlefield yet again...

Let the prophecy guide you to the Orchon and Hemera, only then may you become the true ruler of Karis!


The founding race of Karis born from the Holy Magic of Nova. The Rumen fought valiantly to drive out the Drain and Malignant Spirits from Karis. They are heroes in their own right and some would say they are destined to rule for the rest of the ages. The leader Lonis now prepares his elite team to scout ahead in Karis in search of the Orchon and Hemera.


The Kaligo were actually once part of the Rumen race. After the "Day of Promise", when the Rumen used the forbidden Shadow Steal magic to defeat the Drain, the Kaligo slowly mutated to their current form. Driven from their homes and their families taken away, the Kaligo now fight to take back everything they once loved. Led by the fearless Patroe, a team has been assembled to counter Rumen forces searching for the Orchon and Hemera.

The Humans were once in a strong alliance with the Rumen during the Shadow War. After the Great Earthquake, Karis was left ruler less and the Humans now claim to be the rightful owners. They swear no allegiance to anybody and are led by General Woden.

The Drain
A dark vampiric race that has only ever been concerned with their own advancement. They are swift to vengeance on anybody who looks down on them, and were the bringers of doom on the "Day of Promise". Led by Count Drogthar who wields the Dark Jewel they too fight for control of the continent.

A group of peoples that lives secluded from other races, led by Chieftain Lycos. This nature-respecting race has learned to be content living off the land, and to not desire the riches of others. They are generally peaceful to others until you enter their domain in Wolf River.

The Greenmen belong to no alliance. They are not necessarily a fighting people, but primarily merchants and mercenaries. They stay close to their own kind and will likely help either side in the struggle for the right amount of money. Every race gets help from Greenmen every now and then.

Malignant Spirits
These are not beings, but spiritual energy born from The Void. Their main agenda is the destruction of the living world. They will forge false alliances, only to betray their allies when they have what they came for. The Spirits have felt the Rumen weakening and return to Karis.

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